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Looking healthy is one thing, however feeling healthy is another. Although, it’s a really great thing, if we’re able to both look and feel healthy at the same time, most times, if not all of the time. Wouldn’t that be more than great, as it would add enrichment and more quality to our lives. There are many ways to try and do both, that is to look and feel healthy.  However, here are a few suggested ways to feel and look the part:

Getting Your Z’s


You can look and feel quite awesome, by simply getting sleep your body craves for and so desperately needs. Just think,  if you are not getting proper rest and sleep, it will take a tow on you physically by creating needless “bags” under your eyes which may cause you to look older, tired or worn out. Also, you will not feel your best in fact you may feel lousy.  Sleep deprivation may severely affect your attitude, ability to think logically and memory recall. If you are a driver experiencing such it could even be a safety hazard. Lack of sleep can also totally zap you of the energy your body needs to perform various tasks. Whether, your daily routine is extremely busy or not, it’s very important to create a great, rest and sleep schedule that works for you.

Water Up

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You may have heard of the many awesome benefits of water, something I like to refer to as my “fluid of life”…LoL.  Did you know when our cells are depleted of it’s proper balance of  fluids and electrolytes, we may experience muscle fatigue and lack of energy. This lack, may  create the muscles to shrivel, and one to feel lousy, tired and depleted, which is not the way to feel or look on your journey to improve, enrich the quality of our lives.  Researchers state, that not having enough water could actually reduce oxygen flow to the brain and temporarily shrink neurons which in turn may even affect our memory and more.

Water stands out and fully delivers, when it comes to beautifying our skin! Just think, dehydration (not having proper fluid intake) can cause our skin to wrinkle more even, among the other dreaded things; Water may not totally erase wrinkles but it will do it’s due justice when it comes to improving the skin overall. Water helps our body in so many ways, it would take awhile to discuss the many benefits, so instead let’s move on. Just remember, to properly ” Water up” daily, proper hydration is so needed.

Get Up And Move!

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Exercising as it’s known by many, however, I prefer to call it simply “moving around”…it may be a mind thing but somehow “moving around” sounds less like work and more like fun to me…LoL!  So, let’s see how we can fully benefit from “moving around” when it comes to looking and feeling good. Have you ever wondered why it is, after a nice walk, you somehow (emotionally) feel greater than ever? That is excluding a few aches from not walking on the regular…lol.

If you are on the regular then congrats! Well, back to the question…The reason you may feel great after a brisk walk is due to the body’s natural reaction from endorphins .  Tom  Scheve explains, endorphins as  “your own private narcotic”   and that endorphins are simply neuro transmitters, chemicals that passes along one neuron to the next”  in which the central nervous system prompts or surpress further signals.


Well, I think you guys kind of get the pic…however, the real take away point from this info, is the fact that “getting up and moving” actually stimulates endorphins to supercharge within our bodies in a good way that produces this awesome feeling of euphoria or happiness! I’m a “positive” mind-set freak (lol)…So I also believe that a person’s mindset plays a vital part as well.  Let’s not eliminate the benefit of how “getting up and moving” on a continuous basis will breathe new life into our bodies.

I love how moving around and taking a few brisks walks on the regular, has actually helped me to look better by dropping a few pounds. Not only am I dropping pounds and looking a bit nicer in my clothes but my health numbers (blood pressure/cholesterol, etc) are looking nicer.  So if you are “getting up and moving”…Congrats!  You are certainly on the right path on your journey.


It’s True!…”You Are What You Eat”

Are you simply eating to fill your hunger without a genuine concern of what’s going into your body?  Or are you eating for the  survival of your health which may reward a more full-filling life.  I can remember, when I would eat whatever I liked or any foods that tasted good without a concern of food value in relations to my health.  I had no one to constantly teach or warn me of the dreaded consequences to follow.  Little did I know that I was creating a walking “time bomb” that could explode later in life.

Little did I know, that I’d have to make a health choice that would change my eating habits/life-style as it has today! It’s okay, as I’m a much healthier individual due to my “change” and actually I’m feeling rather blessed that I’m able to write about it…could’ve been worse.  It just comes to show, just because someone looks healthy does not mean they are genuinely healthy inside.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

However, for the sake of making a “long story shorter”….lol.  I’ll like to shoot this quick tip…just be watchful of the foods you eat. Learn how to properly read the food labels when you are grocery shopping. Somewhere on the food packs there are labels to alert you as to how much of the good or bad stuff you are getting in each food item.  Choose to eat healthy, as eating the right foods will help you to feel and look your best.

That’s it for now, can’t wait to chat later about some more stuff…

Until Next Time…

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