Tips For Healthy Skin

Give Me Some “Skin”…BuT make it  Healthy

This Month, we will key in on the “SkiN”, particularly healthy skin tips… The skin is really important. As it is one of the first thing noticed when you present yourself. Whether young or old,  a goal of awesome skin care should be worth shooting for. It’s true that some may have good skin due to genetic traits, hey what a blessing. However some may have to work a bit harder to achieve the healthiest skin possible.  So, that’s okay to, the main thing is taking the necessary steps to look and feel your greatest!


This list may point toward a few concerns when it comes to skin care:

Younger IndividualsYoung People

*Discolored skin tone
*Too Oily Skin
*Too Dry Skin

Older IndividualsOlder Peeps

*Sagging/Dropping Skin (Actually can be tighten up somewhat, naturally)
*Discoloration of the skin/ Un Even Skin Tone
*Skin Blotches
*Too Dry Skin/Chaffed
And more…


You may want to check your diet as there are actually some foods/drinks that aggravate your skin and cause all types of havoc (trouble).  You may want to watch your sugar intake/artificial sweetners, processed foods,  hydrogenated fats/fried foods, excess caffeine/alcoholic beverage…This is only to name a few but believe it or not all these foods may play a big part when it comes to skin irritants.

Other Factors That May Irritate Skin: Alcohol/Smoking/Air Pollutants/Irritant Ingredients in most skin products (chemcials) /Unprotected sun exposure/Hot water…So when the skin is affected by all of these factors, the skin repair process gets all faulty, collagen starts to break down and the surface of the skin weakens.


There are many products on the market to combat skin problems, however, the best choice would most likely be the natural products. Mainly, due to the fact that natural products are safer and highly recommended for skin allergies. It is wise to pay  strict attention to the topical elements applied to your skin. Your skin absorb foreign elements through its pores/blood stream which can cause complications to your body.

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Remember, beautiful skin, regardless of what age all begins with healthy skin.  Achieving the most healthy skin you possibly can in the safest way, should be your personal goal.  Follow or bookmark this site to stay updated on the new additions.