Update Of Skin Product Results: Kollgen/ Phyto 350

Kollagen Intensive and Phyto 350 which is the skin cream and vitamins

On a previous post, I decided to log in my results from this purchase of the Kollagen Intensiv along with the recommended Phyto 350. So this is my follow up post for these products.

Honestly, I got off to a great start with the products and begin to see changes shortly after using the products. Ofcourse, I didn’t notice an immediate change of the first day, lol…but in time I actually begin to notice changes. As a result, my skin now looks more vibrant and younger. Well, it’s not as dry looking as it was before, it actually has a glow now.

I was very concerned with the smile lines on each side of my mouth, as they appear to be two forming deep wrinkles, if you ask me…of-course already on my face before trying the cream/capsules. Now the lines it seems, are not as profound but they haven’t totally disappeared. However, I haven’t been doing the treatments faithfully which is my fault,  sorry. My busy schedule doesn’t help at all!

Okay, here’s my thoughts in conclusion, I feel these products does work to a great level of satisfaction!  If one has deep wrinkles, they may appear to have improved in appearance although I can’t vouch they will totally disappear.  The products tend to take years off the face by  producing a more radiant, and glowing skin appeal.

I enjoyed putting safe products on my skin which was a definite plus.  My mouth lines are not noticed as much and I’m so grateful for that. My skin looks healthy and feels healthy, so I’m giving these products a “yes”…I would recommend  them!


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